How to switch the PHP version of your website.

This article explains how to change the PHP version for individual websites from cPanel using the MultiPHP Manager. We suggest using the latest PHP version available for best performance and security. Springs Hosting provides the latest PHP versions, as well as older version which have been hardened and back-ported for security for compatibility purposes.

Here are the steps to switch the PHP version for your website:

  1. First, log in to your cPanel control panel for your hosting account:
  2. Select the MultiPHP Manager icon under the Software section in cPanel.

  3. Next, select the PHP version you'd like to use from the Drop-Down menu, and click the check box next to the site, or sites, you wish to change it for. Then click "Apply".

  4. Once done, please be sure to test the functionality of your website to verify it works correctly with the new PHP version.
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