PHP Settings

Last updated November 7, 2015

Many PHP settings can be changed in the "Select PHP Version" area in cPanel.

Changing the PHP version

By default, the PHP version is set to "native (5.4)". This must be changed to something else in order to access any other settings. Even if you want the version to be 5.4, you must change "native (5.4)" to just "5.4". Simply choose the version you desire from the drop-down menu, then click the "Set as current" button.

Enabling and disabling PHP modules

As soon as you change the version, a list of available modules will appear. Check the box next to the modules you want to enable. Uncheck the box next to modules you want to disable.

More PHP options

Additional PHP settings are available. You can find them by clicking the "Switch To PHP Options" link in the top right corner. Click on the value next to the option to modify it, then click the "Save" button.
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